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Why You Should Take My Cake Decorating Classes

I have been asked on more than one occasion, “What the difference is between “Lesi’s Kitchen” cake decorating classes and Wilton cake decorating classes?”
Having taught Wilton classes in the beginning of my career, I believe I have an insider’s edge. I have compiled the following side by side comparison (based on student feedback) of what both types of cake decorating classes offer, cost wise and time wise, to you, our valued customers.
The first and most obvious difference would be class content. Wilton’s classes are, well, Wilton Classes. There are only so many ways to basic decorate a cake but technique is unique to each instructor. So barring that, let’s just head to the meat and potatoes of the whole thing………..
Cake decorating can be a very pricy hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. How far you delve into the craft and how much you plan to invest in cake decorating is completely personal to each individual.

Wilton has been around for a very very long time and has made itself a household name by helping the average home baker be more proficient at decorating a cake and they sell a vast array of tools to make the techniques that they teach easier. Wilton classes are offered at your local craft store in a room that they use for crafting classes of all types. Wilton’s classes that are paced at two hours per week over a four week period. The cost is typically low for instruction because monthly specials are offered by the hosting craft store at 40% – 50% off. After that initial small amount is paid however, you will then need to purchase a kit. Basic items are included in the kit but most times you still need to add to that kit by purchasing other items such as additional tips, piping bags, baking pans, cake wheels and carriers, spatulas etc. To participate in the class you also have to provide your own decorating items, cookies, cakes, icings, gels, food dyes and the likes. Not to mention the time investment to prepare these items for class time.

What you learn in ”Lesi’s Kitchen” you will not learn in the back of your local craft store. You will learn in a setting that is an actual kitchen. My cake decorating classes are all inclusive with the average class price being in the $100.00 range. My cake artistry classes have the kit included in the initial price. You come to class equipped with only your enthusiasm and everything that you need to participate in the class is provided for you, right down to your apron. You probably have everything that you need to bake a fantastic cake in your kitchen right now. And if you do require a few things, it should take very minimal financial investment in tools. In “Lesi’s Kitchen” we offer creative ideas for acquiring the tools that you may need to pursue cake decorating. “Think outside the cake box” is what I tell my students. Be imaginative in where you shop and what you purchase for tools.
Having dealt with adult learners for several years, I have found that in small intimate classes, the amount of information to be absorbed can be accomplished in a shorter period of time. This gives my students a sense of instant gratification. They leave after a 2 – 3 hour class or two day workshop knowing what they came to learn. I have students who continue to email and text me for advise long after their cake experience with me has past. I encourage this.
And there you have it!
I hope to meet you in class one day. In the meantime, Happy Caking!

Topsy Turvy Workshop – August 25th, 2012

August 25th, 2012


Only two spots left for this fabulous Topsy Turvy Cake

workshop.    Don’t miss out.

Visit our class page  for all of the details  and to book your spot!

New Gelatin Technique for Cake Decorating

Our inaugural Everything Gelatin: Butterflies, Exquisite Bows and Sequins class was a huge hit.
Included in the class registration fee are: the imprint mats, gelatin, brushes, forming trays, recipes, pictorial and text instructions, as well as much input from yours truly, moi! Probably more input than was necessary but face it, this caking thing is exhilarating and gelatin is new uncharted territory here.
These gelatin items are completely edible, beautiful and everyone that has seen them can’t believe that they are not real. We are taking our decorating to the next level and you’re going to want to catch a ride with us. Watch for all the new stuff that’s coming up in the near future as well as a repeat of the Gelatin Class.
Happy Caking!

Upcoming Specialty Classes at “Lesi’s Kitchen”

March 26th, 2011 This month’s feature class has been cancelled to allow for Instructor Training Day…..I have to stay one step ahead of you all. :)

April 23rd, 2011 we are proud to be hosting our very first ever Cakin’ Kids class. Baking and decorating with the younger crowd in mind. They will leave with basic cake making knowledge, and have a lot of fun picking up some basic icing and fondant skills while creating some yummy fun of their own. This class is geared for kids age 12 – 15. Younger children can be accommodated under the supervision of an adult.

May 28th, 2011 we head into territory slightly outside the mighty cake realm. Pies, Pies, Pies will add a little variety to your caking repertoire. Easy never fail pie crust is a skill you will be able to tuck into your goodie bag. Seldom heard of pie recipes to wow even the most discerning palate. Dessert will never be the same.

June 25th, 2011 we bring to you Amazing Cupcakes and Cookies. These are not your average pretty cupcakes. They are specifically themed for any occasion. They look like you’ve spent hours but are amazingly simple and truely a treat for all. Come express yourself!

July 23rd, 2011 take flight with the Butterflies. Gelatin Bows and Butterflies is the newest technique to hit cake decorating. You will learn the secret to realistic looking butterflies to embellish your summer creations. These bows are like no other! You won’t believe they aren’t ribbon! This is truely too good to miss.

Well, that is what is shaping up in “Lesi’s Kitchen” for the next little while. I hope to see you in class. In the meantime,

Happy Caking!


Wilton May Grads

After a few computer/camera glitches, I am finally able to post the May Grad pics (I was  told not to get so  riled over these glitches.  Apparently  they never go away ….arghhhh!)

And for all those who participated in the Tail Gate Graduation party…Thanks for being such good sports,  I love you guys!

Wilton Cake Decorating has a New Face

New Wilton Method Curriculum

Well after 35 years Wilton has changed their curriculum.  They have added  a few more techniques, but  kept a lot of the old standards,  giving  it a slightly more modern feel.

Courses offered are:  Decorating Basics (this is the best place to start for obvious reasons), Flowers and Cake DesignGumpaste and Fondant.

The second two offerings can be taken in whichever order you choose.  There is no set procession for them.   After the basics, each is as simple to follow as the other.  (And yes, classes are offered all summer!)

“Updated Courses with Exciting New Techniques!  Fresh New Look, Same Trusted Wilton Method!”   is how they are putting it.

In addition, all who register for the  new classes being  offered in the months of June, July,  and August, will be entered into a contest to win:

Grand Prize:  A 2 week Master Course at the Wilton School of Decorating and Confectionery Art in Darien, Illinois

50 First Prizes: $50.00 Michaels Gift Card

You can see all of the details at

April 2010 Class Photos

More and more cake enthusiasts and hobbyists popping up all over the place.  I love it!

Classes commence in the first week of every month.  Come and join in on the fun!