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#1 problem Realtors have and how to solve it.

We all know that past customers are your best source of new business and referrals. When was the last time you contacted them or did something that made you memorable? If you are like 90% of realtors out there, the answer would not be positive. In these economic times, as Real Estate becomes more and more competitive, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain past clientele, generate new referrals, and ultimately, survive.

According to the National Association of Realtors , 75% of people surveyed would do repeat business with the realtor who sold them their current home, but they never hear from them again. It’s not rocket science, you just need a plan.

You Must Change and Be Different Than Everyone Else!

Client Retention starts immediately after the sale.

What if you could make a lasting impression. What if, it not only differentiated you from the rest of the pack , but it got people excited and talking about you to all their friends…without you asking!

No more begging, no more bribes, no more wasting money on mailers, pens, calendars, gift baskets and items that never give you a return on your investment.

Picture This

Your clients have taken possession of their new home. They are settling in and beginning their new routine.

Present them with a cake in the image of the home they have just purchased.

You call them up and tell them you have something for them. To their surprise you show up with a spectacular cake…not just a cake but a cake that is the exact replica of their new home! Do you think they are impressed? Do you think they will be showing it on their face book page and telling all their friends and family about their fantastically original gift from their Realtor? Of course they will!

The path to greater client retention and dramatically increasing referrals is …. A piece of cake.

An associate will meet with you to outline all of the details of the job at hand. All you need to do is provide a few snapshots of the property.