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Every Kid Wants to be the Cake Boss (even the grown ones!)

It’s the next level that we are going for. Have you taken note of all of the new caking shows on tv lately? The one name I hear more than any other, CakeBoss, is gearing both young and not so young in that direction. But for some reason, here is Calgary, we are at a standstill in our leap into the caking future. Certain cake decorating “gurus” have remained the same for many many years and good on them. But now is time for the progression of things. Everybody wants to be the Cake Boss, and the cake boss does three dimensional cakes. Not many bakeries even, will take on the 3D cake because of the time factor. They are very expensive to purchase and it is strictly because of the time issue and the artistic value that is put forth.

I love to bake and decorate and built my foundation with some of the “gurus”. I am very glad that they are out there. They gave me a taste…. but now it was insatiable. I had no where to go for satisfaction. I know that I wasn’t, and probably still am not alone in that plight.

I dug into my artistic roots and through much practice, loads of trial and error, (sometimes more error than trial), doing and re-doing, experimenting, and converted what I know about art and how it translates over to cake. I combined my love of art with my love of all things caking and I opened Lesi’s Kitchen. I went in with the mindset that I am going inspire someone to be the next Cake Boss or better yet, their own version of some caking great.

I am always inspired when I see the imagination that our young people today have. I am working toward my cakehouse having a team of artist/decorators, like minded in our creativeness, making an awesome living doing what we love. Our team efforts will put the caking world in awe.  A good dream come true!

But for now, I just want to teach you what I know. Like all good artists, the more we practice your craft, and expose ourselves to different media, the better and better we will become. I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me and a lot of my classes become brainstorming efforts. The day that I think I know all there is to know about cake decorating is the day that I will hang up my spatula and move on. Until then, I will continue to expose myself to the creativity of others, students included, soaking up idea after idea, reading, reading, reading, travelling and studying with the greats,  and continue to teach what I know. Passing on what I love.

Apparently even I want to be a Cake Boss…..I’m just not very bossy!

Look into it, come and sculpt with me, express your inner artist and never ever stop learning.

Check out my site…..I am sure you will see something that you like.img_0568