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Divorce Cakes

I am having a hard time with all the hype about “Divorce Cakes”.

I have seen some of the cakes offered by other artisans and the negativity I see attached to such art is astounding to me.  Are they an expression of art or just a paycheck?

Having been divorced  myself,  I wonder why one would want to continue to wallow in that state of mind.  divorce cake

As a person who prides herself on working toward the positive,   I wonder if  we as artisans, we who have the ability to create such beautiful works,  aren’t  just  feeding into the negativity that opens up a divorcee or divorcer’s  pocketbook  for the drawing of  just one more drop of so called “blood”?

The featuring  of a cake with a dead ex-spouse trailing a bloody mess down the side of an otherwise beautiful work of art,  I find disturbing , to say the least.

I do in fact have  “Divorce Cakes”  (XDC:  “Reverse Wedding Cakes” )   in my repertoire of cake designs but my submissions  to this cause will continue to be  depictions of celebration,  if in fact that is in order.

More appropriate in my mind,  would be a  rendering of a  faux wedding cake topped by the appropriate ex-spouse enjoying life in some way, not having to live with cake-murder on their conscience.

Let’s Play Nice, Can’t We?

Couple Cakes Anyone?


Lesi Johnson’s World Famous COUPLE CAKES

Ever wanted to bring home a delicious desert for you and your honey, but the cakes are always just too large for the two of you? Not only that, but going to the bakery can be a game of chance, you never know what’s inside all that icing.

Lesi has created a solution for couples that has stirred a serious buzz in Calgary! Couple Cakes are just big enough for two, so there are no worries about being tempted to continue to feed on a large cake for days after!

The taste sensations are creating a huge demand for these romantic dinner additions.

Order yours today!