Cake and Pastry Artist Lesi Johnson

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Cake Decorating Classes

I love teaching.  More importantly,  I love teaching cake decorating.

I started out teaching Wilton classes and this has been a very fulfilling venture for me. I teach out the Michaels store at Signal Hill one or two days a week.    Wilton classes are a three part curriculum, each component running for 4 weeks.  It will take you 12 weeks to complete the basic series.  Wilton classes will  provide you with a great base for your cake decorating.

But your cake decorating  experience does not have to stop there.

I opened my own school,  “Lesi’s Kitchen”, in 2010.  It takes over where the Wilton instruction leaves off.

The classes that I offer in  “Lesi’sKitchen”  will give you a great base for cake sculpture, figure making,  fondant work etc.

All classes are  2 – 3 hours in length and based on a workshop format.  Each specialized class covers the material offered in that time frame.   This allows you to still learn the techniques even if you have a time constricted schedule.  No need to book off months of class time to learn what you want to learn.  All the classes are hands on and all materials are provided.  You are required to bring nothing to class with you accept an open mind,  ready to learn!

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