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Learning piping bag techniques

Learning piping bag techniques

Have you ever seen beautiful cakes in bakeries and specialty shops and thought to yourself, “I could do that!”  You could be right but you won’t know unless you try.  

Wilton Cake Decorating classes are economical, convenient and much much fun. 

Need time out?  Take a class with a friend or come meet new friends with a common interest.  Caking is a great social activity and it can be very therapeutic too.

There are 4 courses,  each of which run 4 weeks/ 2hrs per week.    There is a generous offering of specialty classes which run 1 day / 2 hrs.  with fun seasonal themes for cupcake and brownie decoration, cookie bouquets,  specialty cookie ideas, and candy making too.   There is something for everyone.   

Call or drop an email to enquire about how YOU can get involved!

Happy Caking!

About Lesi
Lesi Johnson is an artist, gourmet cook and instructor with a passion for learning and growing. Lesi started as a cake decorating instructor with Michaels, teaching the Wilton Method. In 2008 she combined her artistic talent with her baking and cake decorating skills to form Lesi’s Kitchen™" School of Cake Artistry and, a very popular website showcasing her cake creations and student successes. Since starting her cake decorating school "Lesi’s Kitchen™", she is quickly becaming recognized as one of the leading cake artists in Calgary and the surrounding area.


3 Responses to “Wilton Cake Decorating Classes”
  1. Paulette says:

    Are your classes good for beginners? Can you please send me information on dates and times.

    • Lesi says:

      Hello Paulette
      “Lesi’s Kitchen” classes are geared to all levels of cake enthusiast! Click on “classes” in the menu bar and you will see an in depth synopsis of each class offered. I hope to meet you soon! Happy Caking


    • Lesi says:

      Hi Paulette

      Beginners are the best students….eager to learn! All of the information you need is on the classes page. Each class has an attached description of what you are in for….loads of fun fun fun! I keep the classes on the smaller side to accommodate for lots of one on one attention.

      Hope to see you in class!

      Happy Caking

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