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The Results of My Cake Walk Experience

Oh what a day. I have to say, overall, it was pretty good. I met many very interesting people, some of whom I would not mind seeing again. I learned much and saw much. This was a day filled with much joy, some tears, some regret and some anguish. I personally did not experience all of these emotions but witnessed first hand most of them. My heart went out to a few and others I felt the very strong urge to shake. I believe all of us pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. Some of us have a much wider comfort zone than others but we all pushed. I have to appreciate my blessings here because it could have had a much different outcome.
I am pleased with my results. I was awarded Best Overall for Theme Interpretation and 2nd place in the competition. I have included pictures of where my journey took me. Would I do this again…..probably!

Unity Theme

About Lesi
Lesi Johnson is an artist, gourmet cook and instructor with a passion for learning and growing. Lesi started as a cake decorating instructor with Michaels, teaching the Wilton Method. In 2008 she combined her artistic talent with her baking and cake decorating skills to form Lesi’s Kitchen™" School of Cake Artistry and, a very popular website showcasing her cake creations and student successes. Since starting her cake decorating school "Lesi’s Kitchen™", she is quickly becaming recognized as one of the leading cake artists in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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