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Divorce Cakes

I am having a hard time with all the hype about “Divorce Cakes”.

I have seen some of the cakes offered by other artisans and the negativity I see attached to such art is astounding to me.  Are they an expression of art or just a paycheck?

Having been divorced  myself,  I wonder why one would want to continue to wallow in that state of mind.  divorce cake

As a person who prides herself on working toward the positive,   I wonder if  we as artisans, we who have the ability to create such beautiful works,  aren’t  just  feeding into the negativity that opens up a divorcee or divorcer’s  pocketbook  for the drawing of  just one more drop of so called “blood”?

The featuring  of a cake with a dead ex-spouse trailing a bloody mess down the side of an otherwise beautiful work of art,  I find disturbing , to say the least.

I do in fact have  “Divorce Cakes”  (XDC:  “Reverse Wedding Cakes” )   in my repertoire of cake designs but my submissions  to this cause will continue to be  depictions of celebration,  if in fact that is in order.

More appropriate in my mind,  would be a  rendering of a  faux wedding cake topped by the appropriate ex-spouse enjoying life in some way, not having to live with cake-murder on their conscience.

Let’s Play Nice, Can’t We?

About Lesi
Lesi Johnson is an artist, gourmet cook and instructor with a passion for learning and growing. Lesi started as a cake decorating instructor with Michaels, teaching the Wilton Method. In 2008 she combined her artistic talent with her baking and cake decorating skills to form Lesi’s Kitchen™" School of Cake Artistry and, a very popular website showcasing her cake creations and student successes. Since starting her cake decorating school "Lesi’s Kitchen™", she is quickly becaming recognized as one of the leading cake artists in Calgary and the surrounding area.


One Response to “Divorce Cakes”
  1. Tom says:

    I would like to thank you for doing an amazing job on the cake. Not only did it meet my goals and desires it exceeded them. Both in design and in taste. It was very well recieved by both the Man being honored as well as the guests.

    I should warn you now that I will be in contact in the future for other cakes, and have of course passed your cards on to friends and coworkers.

    Thanks again on doing an amazing Job.

    Look forward to working with you again in the future


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