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Couple Cakes Anyone?


Lesi Johnson’s World Famous COUPLE CAKES

Ever wanted to bring home a delicious desert for you and your honey, but the cakes are always just too large for the two of you? Not only that, but going to the bakery can be a game of chance, you never know what’s inside all that icing.

Lesi has created a solution for couples that has stirred a serious buzz in Calgary! Couple Cakes are just big enough for two, so there are no worries about being tempted to continue to feed on a large cake for days after!

The taste sensations are creating a huge demand for these romantic dinner additions.

Order yours today!

About Lesi
Lesi Johnson is an artist, gourmet cook and instructor with a passion for learning and growing. Lesi started as a cake decorating instructor with Michaels, teaching the Wilton Method. In 2008 she combined her artistic talent with her baking and cake decorating skills to form Lesi’s Kitchen™" School of Cake Artistry and, a very popular website showcasing her cake creations and student successes. Since starting her cake decorating school "Lesi’s Kitchen™", she is quickly becaming recognized as one of the leading cake artists in Calgary and the surrounding area.


4 Responses to “Couple Cakes Anyone?”
  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Lesi!

    I love your site and the pictures of your cake look amazing! I’ll be ordering from you for sure the next time a cake is in order!

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Hi, the cakes are a great big hit. My kids LOVED them and everyone has been so impressed. Thanks a million!


  3. Mr. Torres says:

    “My wife LOVED the cake that you made for her! It was her favorite part about the whole surprise birthday party that we threw for her. Thank you Lesi!”


  4. Monique says:

    Hi Lesi,

    I just want to thank you for the beautiful cake!
    Andreanne loves it. It is perfect!

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