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Cake Trippin’ – Toronto

I have had the pleasure to be able to travel a lot this past year to learn and grow in the craft that I have chosen to be my profession.  I asked and I received.  Thank you Lord.

I decided to go back to school.  Cake school to be exact.  So I’ve packed my bags and left my comfortable life and for the next seven weeks I will be attending the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Art in order to grow in my field.    As we all know, with growth there comes a little pain.  And that is how I would  describe my first week in Toronto.  Painful.  Now don’t get me wrong,  I’m not saying I’m having  a bad time or I wish I hadn’t done this, but I’m  getting  a sharp realization that I am a bit spoiled.   Yes I said it,  I am a bit spoiled.  That being said,  I’m going to  take you along with me on my seven week journey which I call,

Cake Trippin’   –    Toronto

The Prelude

I arrive in Toronto,  fetch my luggage, lug it out of the airport and  hail myself  a cab.  I felt a little put off that my driver did not leave his seat to assist with my extremely heavy bag,(I think I packed to be gone for a year)  but oh well,  I’m a strong girl.   Good thing all my years of rolling out fondant have toned my arm muscles.

I give him my destination address  and he asks me “Where is that?”   This is where I become  very worried.   He is driving and trying to load his GPS at the same time, all the while  muttering under his breath  how  it’s not working, maybe he’ll call his friend, blah blah blah…… I don’t have the first idea where I am going but I’ve got my trusty map App and I’m about to get my money’s worth.


We  drive for what seems like hours. I’m still not sure if it’s supposed to be such a long drive, but we’re  in rush hour traffic, there is a mini snowstorm going on,  and the meter is running, running, running.  I don’t recognize a thing.  And then I spot it!  Gleaming like a beacon on the horizon and in my heart I feel a small sense of familiarity.  The CN Tower.  I now have a landmark.   What a sense of relief.  Yes, the spoiled part starts here.

Spoiled #1      I live in the same city that I was born in.  I know my city like the back of my hand.  It seems like a small thing, but knowing where I am at all tmes  is something I have always taken foregranted before now.

My driver, after going the wrong way up the one way street where I will be living, pulls his car up on the lawn, asks for what I am sure is way too much money,  and lets me out,  a half a block from where I need to be.   Did I mention, he never left his seat.  I retrieve my heavy bags and leave him to continue his day.

I’m excited to be here, but it has already been a long day and I just want to rest and unpack.  I have chosen to stay in a guesthouse.  This one is a Victorian style heritage home that has been refurbished and is now rented out room by room to travelers from around the world.   I am greeted by the house manager, lead down the narrow hallway and into the basement to my “luxury” room.   Arrrrgghhhhh!  My head barely clears the doorway which is situated directly below the extremely narrow staircase.  My heart sinks  as I imagined myself having to live in this room with it’s 6’ ceilings and 8’ X 8’  footprint.  I about to become  “ the people under the stairs”!

Spoiled moment #2.  I live in a lovely home and while just about every room in my home is currently under renovation , it is bright and cheery and I can raise my hands above my head!   I reluctantly,  albeit happily, pay for an upgrade and move above ground with the skydwellers.  Happy face inserted here.

It’s the end of Day 1.  Its been long,  and I’m tired but ready for this big adventure.   Thank you for coming along with me.  I promise it won’t be blow by blow, one day at a time because in my book, adventure is good, but in much smaller doses.

Spoiled#3  My life is plain and simple and I love it that way……..salted with a little adventure.


Lovin’ Cake Trippin”  –  Toronto

About Lesi
Lesi Johnson is an artist, gourmet cook and instructor with a passion for learning and growing. Lesi started as a cake decorating instructor with Michaels, teaching the Wilton Method. In 2008 she combined her artistic talent with her baking and cake decorating skills to form Lesi’s Kitchen™" School of Cake Artistry and, a very popular website showcasing her cake creations and student successes. Since starting her cake decorating school "Lesi’s Kitchen™", she is quickly becaming recognized as one of the leading cake artists in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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